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The Company was founded in 1988.  We are the first private lactation consultant practice in the Atlanta Metro Area.


Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) are experienced and highly trained healthcare providers. We offer professional lactation services that meet your personalized breastfeeding needs in your home or in our office.


 What Is An IBCLC & How Can They Help? 

An Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) is a member of your health care team who has a specialist knowledge of, and primary focus on, breastfeeding. 

They are the consultants whom mothers and other health professionals turn to when skilled assistance is required. 

With a focus on preventive health care, IBCLCs encourage self-care, empowering parents to make their own decisions, prenatally and postnatally.

IBCLCs use a problem solving approach to provide appropriate information, recommendations and referrals. They work in a variety of settings.

IBCLCs have passed a rigorous certification exam and keep their knowledge and skills up to date through a compulsory recertification program. They are required to practice within a Code of Ethics.


What is A Lactation Consultation?

A lactation consultation is a professional appointment with an IBCLC.  The consultation can take place either in your home or in an office setting. The initial session usually takes approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours to complete.

Lactation consultation sessions include:

Taking a prenatal, birth, and feeding history.

Observation of a feeding; milk expression; appearance of the mother, her breast, the baby, and milk (if seen); pre- and post-feeding weights to measure volume of intake at the breast, and any other artifacts that may be pertinent.

A feeding assessment, where the consultant carefully and critically observes the baby's feeding cues, pre-feeding behaviors, and response to the feeding, as well as the ability to transfer milk a complex, integrated activity.

Documenting the findings and composing a summary of the plan agreed upon by the mother and the consultant, which includes any referrals to other care providers and support services.

Giving a copy of the plan to the mother and reiterating follow-up arrangements.

Writing a summary and communication with pertinent health care providers. Conducting follow-up meetings and/or phone calls, as long as needed, with subsequent documentation and sharing of the plan.





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